Regular Mechanical Lenses and Faceshell (With RPC Studio mask)


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  • Regular Mechanical Lenses and Faceshell set
  • Handmade Item
  • Made to order


# This product will include the fabric mask from RPC Studio (red cover)

***This is NOT the sensor version!!!***


Here is the link of how our product looks like and work!


Items included:

  • Mechanical Lenses Faceshell set x1
  • HC style lenses frame
  • Instruction Booklet x1
  • Gluing guide x1


Production and Shipping Time:

  • Overall production time will be around 4-5 months, We will inform our customer through email, if there are any delays on shipment.
  • As our current shipping schedule for our latest order will be January – February in 2020, please make sure you are able to wait for it.

     ***Refund is only available on the first 5 days (start from the date you paid)***


Matching Suit:

  • For matching suit, you can buy it from the following web site:


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