Regular Mechanical Lenses Faceshell D.I.Y. Kit


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New D.I.Y. Kit for Cavin Creations’s Regular Mechanical Lenses Faceshell!


Items included:
– Faceshell
– 1 bag of internal parts
– 1 pair of lenses frame
– Inner cover
– Custom Arduino Shield
– Hot glue stick


***Here are the essential parts you will need to order on Amazon for this kit!!***

1. Arduino Nano:

2. Servo:

3. Jumper Wires (2 pins):

4. Micro Switch:

5. DC to DC: buck convertor:

6. 10440 3.7v Li-ion cell:

7. 10440 Li-ion cell Charger:

8. Arduino pins:


A Full length tutorial will be provided once you purchase this item.

For the short version, you can visit the following link!


Production and Shipping Time:
– Overall production time will be around 4-6 weeks, we will inform our customer through email once there is any situation.


*** We do not do local sales ***


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